Helsinki Times / Jussi Tossavainen:
The one thing that especially remains in mind of Niina Airaksinen’s piece Mokugo – Loaded silence is the dancer-choreographer’s powerful presence and capturing intensity. Performance is loaded to the full with tension that only waits to burst out and explode. - - The choreographer can be preaised for the density and compactiveness of the work. There are no vague nor unmotivated moments, instead, everything appears to be thought over to the last detail, which, in general, is rare. The lights are especially stunning. Something essential is acheved in a delicate and refined sceene where the dancer purifies herself in a pond of light. This vision is imprinted on memory. / Maija-Liisa Westman:
Profound understanding was evident in the Mokugo – Loaded silence, when Airaksinen’s mature choregraphy brought about an impressive performance. The profound precence of the dancer and the highly diciplined geometrical movement vocabulary reminded a Western viewer of the clear forms and restricted spaces of the East. Exact articulation and movement variations created a unique frame for the performance; as if by the clarity and repetition of the moves the dancer had expressed intence inner power which only awaied on it’s peak condensation to burst out from the stern frame of form. - -The Japanese and Finnish culture has often been compared with eachother. We share the common interest and devotion for nature and a yearn to cherish its peace. Rigorous (work)ethics, strict norms, set by both individual himself and by the society – all of these are matters that revolved in mind after Niina Airaksinen’s impressive solo. - - “