In Finnish

SOJIKU - series
subjective take on Japanese phenomena and culture

A four-part contemporary dance series
exploring Japanese phenomena, aesthetics, and mentality
Choreography Niina Airaksinen

I   Mokugo - Loaded Silence
     Solo work, prem. 26.9.2009 Jyväskylä City Theater,
     "Time of Dance" –festival

II  Sansui - Flowing Stone
     Group work, prem. 11.3.2010 Manilla Theater, Turku

III ”Dance for camera”: video work and photography series
       (postponed to winter 2012 due to injuries)

IV  SOJIKU 4 - Finnish-Japanese evening of contemporary dance
      Double-bill evening  prem. 22.-27.3.2011  Manilla Theater, Turku
      Sansui  & CatB + lectures + public discussions  (+sushi+champagne)

      CatB  by Yuzo Ishiyama
       Japanese choreographer and performance media artist
      As part of Turku 2011 European Cultural Capital -Program